Terms of service

The use of the website of the CALRE is subject to compliance with the conditions set out below and which the user is deemed to have fully understood when accessing the website.


The “www.calrenet.eu” website is the exclusive property of the CALRE.

Design and follow-up

The Secretary general of the CALRE is responsible for creating, conceptualizing and updating the “www.calrenet.eu” website.


Parlement de Wallonie
Benjamin Hurard
Responsable de la Direction des relations extérieures
Square Arthur Masson 6
5012 Namur

Questions and suggestions from users relating to the website and any technical problems encountered should be sent by email to the address info@calrenet.eu. They will be answered as soon as possible.

Intellectual property rights

The texts, captions, layouts, illustrations, other written information, sound and video recordings or other elements of the website are protected by the legal provisions applicable in terms of copyright or, in the case of databases, by a specific intellectual property right.

All these textual and multimedia elements constitute the exclusive property of the CALRE or, where applicable, of a third party which has given its consent to their use by the CALRE.

Unless otherwise indicated, these elements may be reproduced free of charge without prior authorization provided the source is acknowledged and only on condition that it is strictly private and non-commercial use.

However, the user undertakes not to remove the specific mentions specified, if any, by the website manager and not to circumvent technical document protection devices such as restrictions on printing or downloading.

Any other use must be the subject of a prior request sent by email to the address info@calrenet.eu.

Quality of information

The CALRE takes the greatest care in creating, conceptualizing and updating this website, the objective of which is to allow the user to access, for the sake of transparency, information relating to to the institution and its activities.
However, it cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information offered therein and also draws the user’s attention to the fact that the information contained therein is not immutable and is subject to change over time.

Therefore, the CALRE can in no way be held responsible for any inconvenience or damage that could result from the use of the information on the website.

Users are nevertheless invited to notify the CALRE, by email to the address info@calrenet.eu, of any errors that they have identified. The CALRE will do everything in its power to make any adaptations and modifications that prove necessary and justified.

Authenticity of documents

The documents available on the website cannot be considered as an authentic reproduction of the official texts.

Hypertext links

The CALRE authorizes, without prior authorization, the establishment of hypertext links which return to the home page of the website of the CALRE or to a specific page, provided that this is in its entirety.

On the other hand, it is forbidden to nest, without formal and prior agreement from the CALRE, one or more pages of the website of the CALRE within the pages of another website. Any such request must be sent by email to the address info@calrenet.eu.

The hypertext links appearing on the website and directing the user to other Internet websites cannot engage the responsibility of the CALRE neither as regards the content of these websites nor as for the exact address allowing access to them.

Technical issues

The CALRE undertakes to implement all the necessary and useful precautions to avoid an interruption or inconvenience which could result from a technical problem and therefore declines all responsibility for this fact.