Matos summons the European regions to give a joint response to the migratory phenomenon

The president of the Conference of Regional Legislative Assemblies of the European Union (CALRE), Gustavo Matos, has summoned the regions that make up this body to try to offer a joint response to the migratory phenomenon, “one of the most important humanitarian crises what the EU lived through ”.

Matos has addressed the presidents of European assemblies and parliaments to emphasize the idea that we are not facing a problem in the Canary Islands, Spain or the countries on the southern border of Europe, but rather “a shared challenge of all the countries of a project called the European Union ”.

For this reason, the president will launch from the presidency of the regional parliaments and assemblies a set of actions and strategies with which to “convince” the countries of the European Union that this “common challenge” can only be faced, in a way permanent and effective, respecting the “common values ​​that make Europe the world leader in peace, solidarity and harmony”.

Within the framework of these actions, Matos will convene the working group ‘Migration Policies’ together with the rest of the presidencies of the regional assemblies, to coordinate a joint response to the migratory phenomenon and transfer it to the rest of the EU institutions.


Gustavo Matos recalls that we are facing one of the most important humanitarian crises that the European Union has experienced. “For years thousands of people have fled their homes, their countries, to try to find decent living conditions in Europe. They flee from hunger, from war, from diseases, from the consequences of climate change ”.

Matos stresses that Europe “continues to be a beacon of freedom, equality and opportunities, so now that this crisis hits the Canary Islands, we must remember that these human beings seek refuge in European territory.” “This phenomenon and challenge for the whole of the EU puts our founding values ​​of solidarity, harmony and respect for human rights to the test,” he insists.

CALRE brings together 71 regions from seven European countries from which 200 million citizens of the EU are represented.

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