The Parliament of Andalusia hosts the exhibition ’40 years of Constitution, 40 years of Democracy 1978-2018 ‘

In 2018, Spain celebrates the 40th anniversary of its Constitution and the approval in referendum of its Magna Carta on December 6, 1978. On the occasion of this important Anniversary, the Parliament of Andalusia inaugurated in September the exhibition ’40 years of Constitution, 40 years of Democracy 1978-2018 ‘, organized by the news agency Europa Press and sponsored by Unicaja, which covers some of the most significant milestones experienced in Spain since the beginning of its transition to democracy and during the 40 years of its Constitution.

The exhibition starts with a photograph of the teletype with which Europa Press reported, in scoop, the death of the dictator Francisco Franco in the early hours of November 20, 1975, and includes images of milestones in the recent History of Spain as the legalization of the Communist Party, the general elections of 1977, the coup attempt of February 23, 1981, the entry of Spain into the European Economic Community, or the abdication of King Juan Carlos I and the subsequent proclamation of Felipe VI as monarch.

At the opening of the exhibition, the president of the Parliament of Andalusia, Juan Pablo Durán, stressed that the exhibition, in addition to making a tour of the last years of our history, highlights the fact that the Spanish Constitution was the gateway for Andalusia to become a first-rate Autonomy and served to recognize the Andalusians the possibility of making their own decisions.



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