The Registry of the Walloon Parliament, triple-certified

ISO 9001 certified in quality management since 2009, the Registry of the Walloon Parliament also saw itself issued with the ISO 14001 (environmental management) for the first time in July 2018 for its two locations, and the ISO 27001 (management of information security) for its Directorate of Parliamentary Action.
The Registry of the Walloon Parliament is the first parliamentary administration in the world to obtain this triple certification.
The conformity of the procedures and practices of the Registry to ISO standards implies a dynamic of continuous improvement which constitutes a pledge of efficiency and effectiveness of the administration for the benefit of the Walloon deputies and citizens.

Pursuing its modernisation, the Parliament Registry implemented a genuine policy of data transparency in October 2018 by means of a new platform enabling free access to numerous data linked to the work of the Parliament.
Access to this raw data is henceforth facilitated, among which the composition of the Parliament, its publications (legislative texts, decisions, daily agendas, meeting minutes, etc.) and the Parliamentary agenda. The interoperability of these data also allows the user to slice up this information and create numerous links.

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