Franco Iacop, Presidente del Consiglio regionale Friuli Venezia Giulia

The issues of regional government, local representation and the role of regional assemblies, are fundamental for the subsidiarity and representation policies, as well as for the opportunity of spreading democracy and the ability to listen territorial communities. This is a thought that CALRE, under the Presidency of Raffaele Cattaneo, has strongly undertaken, also with the support of the Plenary Assembly that last autumn gathered in Santiago de Compostela. Part of this trend are also the meetings with other international organizations of sub national actors and, most of all, the strong and convinced action carried on by CALRE in the European Union context. The issue of participation and the opportunity of taking part in the upward and downward phase of EU Law and the opportunity of strengthening multilevel governance, surely represent an objective to be pursued. This would be an example of democracy to spread, even through the sharing of best practices. In this context, confrontation with other organizations becomes essential.

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