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Matos: “Let’s take advantage of the good practices of the Committee of the Regions to advance the participation of parliaments in the EU”

The president of the Parliament of the Canary Islands and the Conference of European Regional Legislative Assemblies, Gustavo Matos, today opted to “take advantage of the good practices of the Committee of the Regions” to advance the participation of parliaments in...

CALRE declaration on the international day of peace 21 September 2019

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Ventotene, for a Europe of rights and responsibilities

The second meeting of the Standing Committee of CALRE, the Conference of Presidents of the European Legislative Assemblies, was held in Ventotene. The meeting was held in conjunction with the “Wind of Europe” series of events and with the conference organized by the...

World Environment Day

Calre decided to celebrate World Environment Day with a simple, yet highly symbolic gesture by planting a new tree in one of the parks in the city of Perugia. A positive way by Calre’s President to express the organisation’s perception of the environment and...

Europe Day 9 May 2019

May 9 is celebrated as Europe Day, commemorating the day in 1950 when Robert Schuman made his famous declaration on the economic cooperation plan for the creation of a European economic community, starting with the pooling of coal and steel reserves. For the occasion,...


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The proposal aims to bring out best practice and initiatives adopted by the European Regional Assemblies which are members of CALRE, that are concretely improving an aspect or sector of the economic, cultural and social life of their territories and  communities, while underlining the positive impact of the European Institutions in regional realities.

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